Debunking the skin care market – finding the best product for you

Skincare comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s so many different ingredients, product types and brands out there for you to choose from, so how on earth do you narrow it down? 

Picture the scene – a cosy night in, the house to yourself, and a whole evening to spend exactly as you like. What’s your go-to self care treat? For me, it’s a toss up between chocolates and skin care. 

Pampering yourself to a luxurious skin care session brings a boost to both the mind and the body. Whether it’s a long soak in an aromatic bath, or applying luxe lotions and potions to your face, we can think of few better ways to spend a couple of hours on a cosy weeknight in. 

Plus, making the time for these sorts of self care treats has been proven to be brilliantly beneficial as a form of wellness – talk about a win win. 

Skincare comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s so many different ingredients, product types and brands out there for you to choose from, so how on earth do you narrow it down? 

The quality skin care market is a bit of a maze, and it can be hard to identify what you’re actually looking for. We all want to find a product that provides a perfect fit for you and your skin’s unique needs, but what does this actually mean in terms of products? And what ingredients make skin care caring? 

So, if you don’t yet know your lotions from your balms, hold tight. Below, you’ll find our quick guide to all things skincare. We’ll be taking you through the range of skin care specialists that are currently available on the Roe River website, and sharing their products with you. 

That way, you’ll know what product provides the best fit for you, and be connected with our recommendation for a fantastic, independent supplier of that exact skin care product. It’s as easy as that.

See below for a small sample of the wonderful skincare providers that are available to shop at on our platform.  

The power of coffee 

skincare for your face

Did you know that coffee (beyond being our drink of choice) is actually a fabulous ingredient for our skin? It makes skin appear more youthful and radiant, by boosting the circulation in your face. As a result, it adds a natural glow, while reducing puffiness and inflammation.

UpCircle actually began from a lightbulb moment that combined sustainability with skincare – they decided to make the most out of all of the spent coffee grounds that are otherwise binned after the coffee has been brewed, and upcycle them into premium skincare products. 

From there, UpCircle was born, and this indie has grown from strength to strength ever since. These eco-conscious skincare products are about as luxurious as recycling can get. And their balms, serums and scrubs do wonders for revitalising skin. 

Cutting out the chemicals

The long list of chemicals and unnatural additives that can be seen in some skincare brands can actually worsen existing issues. 

That’s why opting for a natural alternative can do wonders for your skincare routine. Bunch Skincare is a fantastic example of all-natural oils and cleansers – and most of their products contain less than 10 ingredients. The products have been formulated by a professional pharmacist, who has 14 years of skincare experience under their belt.

Bunch offers everything from shampoos to face oils, and they all come in sleek art deco packaging. 

Running made easy

If you’re a keen runner, then you’ll know all about the skin issues that can crop up during training. Runk has been created by a duo of runners who wanted a natural and sustainable solution to their skin’s grievances. 

Their product range includes sports massage balms, CBD joint relief cream, and aloe vera body lotion. Runk’s carefully created skincare products contain a number of highly beneficial natural ingredients, which are specifically designed to help runners restore their skin. These ingredients include relaxing lavender oil, salts to help alleviate sore muscles, and detoxifying lemon oil. 

Scrub a dub dub

coffee face scrub from repurposed coffee ground

Few things leave us feeling more refreshed and revitalised than a good face scrub. These exfoliating cleansers provide a huge number of benefits to our skin, including cleaning your pores, getting rid of impurities like dead skin cells, oils and dirt. Also, it can even mean that your skin is better able to take in all the other products that you use on it. 

Scrubbee creates coffee face scrubs that re-use coffee grounds that would have otherwise been chucked away. These sustainable scrubs are also handmade, vegan, cruelty free, and ocean friendly – truly ticking all the boxes. 

Plus, Scrubbee has a range of four face scrubs, each of which is carefully made to suit a specific skin type. 

Nourishing your curls

coily hair careIf you’ve got curly hair, you’ll know the struggle of trying to keep it under control. Although it’s great when it’s going well, curly hair has a tendency to go a bit wild. This is most commonly due to a lack of moisture. 

Thankfully, Holpura provides a super hydrating solution for curly hair. Their revive scalp oil is specially designed to counteract all the damage that our hair goes through (mostly from heat, drying and straightening), and bring it back to full health. Holpura is committed to using plant-based, vegan ingredients, which are all-natural and organic. One thing’s for sure, your hair will certainly thank you. 

Honey goodness 

In terms of natural ingredients, honey is the bees knees (pun absolutely intended). By adding honey to skincare products, they’re given a boost of hugely beneficial properties, including being a brilliantly effective anti-acne aid. Furthermore, honey has also been shown to enhance the healing process of skin cells. 

At Beeutiful, this talented team makes full use out of this superb natural ingredient. These completely natural skincare products use beeswax and honey to create therapeutic and caring treatments. Plus, the extra perks that Beeutiful provides are connecting their clients to a sustainable, preservative free, handmade, charitable and entirely bee-friendly skincare option. 

Keeping it simple

We’re all guilty of forgetting (or simply missing out) our skincare routine on a busy day. Some products can require a rather laborious process, which is great when you fancy a pamper, but very time-consuming when you’re in a rush. 

Pure Savvy’s products are designed for those hectic days, and allow you to leave the house feeling good, without taking up a huge chunk of your morning. When applied, these natural skincare products get straight to work, and your skin feels the benefits within an instant. So you can hit the snooze button on your alarm without sacrificing your skincare.


Hopefully, this quick guide to indie skincare has helped you identify any gaps in your current skincare routine. We love the fact that we have been given the chance to exhibit such a wonderful range of skincare, with a whole host of different ingredients and properties. We’re delighted to be able to host so many hardworking independents, that have such a strong ethos and place such a high emphasis on sustainability. 

If you’ve been convinced to give your skincare routine a bit of an upgrade, be sure to check out the suppliers above on the Roe River website. Click the ‘Skincare’ tab on our search engine to check out these fabulous indies. 



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