Our guide to entertaining kids on a rainy day

If you’re looking for quick, easy and yet creative ideas for indoor children’s games, read on. 

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and that means you’ve got to keep the kids entertained for weeks. It’s a daunting prospect for any parent – we’re knackered by the thought of it. 

This task becomes even more daunting when it’s raining – on a sunny day, you can simply chuck them in the garden, but there’s only so much that you can do on a wet day. 

So, how do you entertain the little darlings when it’s raining? Stick them in front of the TV? Well, we wouldn’t advise it for too long… 

According to a recent study, kids across the UK are spending a staggering amount of time on their devices. In fact, a piece of recent research by Childwise found that the average UK child (aged 5-16) had 6.5 hours of screen time a day

Few of us were prepared for such a dramatic spike in screen time (I mean, we knew it’d be a lot, but not that much…). The report outlined how rapidly this figure has been rising across the last 20 years, and indicated how this is the latest marked jump in an increasingly alarming trend. 

We get it, it’s really tough to keep coming up with new entertainment ideas every day. But, we have to do something to counteract this statistic!

That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog post to some school holiday activities inspiration – specifically designed for rainy days. If you’re looking for quick, easy and yet creative ideas for indoor children’s games, read on. 

Cooking and baking 

It’s a pretty timeless activity, but it’ll always be one of our favourite ways to spend an afternoon, and kids absolutely love getting stuck in. 

Whether it’s cooking a slightly more elaborate dinner, or baking sweet treats for everyone to nibble at, there’s something so rewarding about making it all yourself. 

Although you may be fearing the (inevitable) mess that comes with getting the children involved, there are a wealth of kid-friendly recipes out there for you to try. These will limit the difficulty, and so keep your kitchen tidier, and your child engaged throughout. 

At Roe River, we can connect you to loads of fantastic food and drink suppliers, their produce is the perfect way to bring extra flair to your family baking session. These include the likes of Chosan, Holy Lama Naturals and Freda’s Peanut Butter

No mess-clay crafts 

This crafty activity is sure to get your child’s creativity going. You can even make the dough yourself, so it’s affordable, easy and natural. And the best part? It’s like clay without the mess!

To make salt dough, you need to combine flour, salt and water, and knead until it forms a smooth dough. You can find a great salt dough recipe here, on the BBC Good Food website. 

The beauty of salt dough is that it’s so easy to make long-lasting, solid decorations and ornaments. All you need to do is pop them in the oven. 

Plus, any form of moldable clay allows your child to unleash their imagination, and create all the shapes and creatures that their mind can possibly come up with. They’ll be engrossed for hours! 

Building a den 

We’re really sticking with the classics here, but with good reason. Even in today’s world of fancy electronics, the joy of building a den out of sofa cushions still holds its own. 

You can use cushions, blankets, bean bags, chairs, bedding, and anything else you have to hand. 

Then, with your help, you can really take this activity up another level. You could use fairy lights and bunting to decorate the den, bring in sleeping bags to make it more homely, make a sign to go on the entrance, or even bring in snacks to enjoy inside the den. Little touches like these will delight your child. 

Puzzle games

On a wet afternoon, there’s something special about getting the family together for some games. 

One of our talented indies, Around the Box, creates completely original puzzles and games, which are designed to challenge the whole family. With so many different activities in one little box, there’s enough here to keep everyone happily entertained for an entire spell of wet weather. 

What’s more, the idea for The Box originally came from the founders’ experience of working with families in hospital. And so, as an acknowledgement of the important work that founded the business’ beginnings, when you buy a box the team will also donate another box on your behalf, to a hospital of your choice. 

Upcycling a water bottle

Figured there’s not much use in an empty water bottle? Think again. 

The FOSH website has got a list of 60 different ways that you can reuse your old water bottles. These include everything from bird feeders to pencil cases, and they all look really cool! 

Save a few of your left over plastic bottles and then, once you’ve got a bit of a collection, set your kids to work bringing some of these eco-conscious crafts to life. 

Cross Stitch 

In the minds of grown-ups, cross stitching is often associated with their grandmas. But, thanks to the artistry of STITCHFINITY, it’s making a big comeback. 

STITCHFINITY produces bold, colourful and bang-on-trend cross stitch designs, which are clear to follow, and create stunning results. You and your child can pour over this meticulous craft, and be absolutely thrilled with the results of your hard work. 

From unicorns to tractors, and ice creams to campervans, there really is a design for everyone. Imagine how proud your child will be when they get to display their cross stitch artwork in their bedroom. 

Learn something new 

sustainable learning for kids

No don’t worry, we’re not suggesting a return to homeschooling. 

But, there is a lot of fun to be had in learning. With Buttercup Learning, you can sit with your child, and help them to learn more about things that really interest them. 

Buttercup Learning creates interactive posters, which come alive through a camera. With a tablet or smartphone, kids can learn more about the creatures illustrated on the poster. 

We think that this is a great way to use the devices in a rewarding, stimulating way (rather than just mindlessly staring at them). 

Creating a time capsule 


This is one of those activities that we’ve all seen done on the TV, but how many of us have actually tried it for ourselves? 

Well, this is the perfect opportunity to make the time for it! Time capsules are an ingenious idea, and the concept is one which fascinates people of all ages. 

You can add anything to your time capsule – encourage your children to find things that would show someone in the future what it’s like to live right now, or something that will show them what your family was like. 

If you’re keen to have a go, check out the National Museum of Wales’ guide to burying a time capsule. 


We hope that these kids’ activity ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for the summer hols. Although the devices are a great back-up option, now you won’t need to depend on them. 

And now, all that’s left to say is, hope you have a fantastic Summer! 


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