Roe River is a search engine website aimed purely at the UK’s small business brands. We believe in shopping local and supporting small businesses. And the lovely folk who will visit our site share those values.

Growing a small business is really tough – we know, as we’ve done it ourselves. Our goal is to help promote small businesses in order to grow their traffic & sales.

Pretty much any small business that has a product or service. This could be a physical store, an e-commerce website, Instagram/Facebook page or marketplace stores (such as Etsy)!

It’s the world’s shortest river and therefore the polar opposite of the Amazon, the world’s longest. We recognise that Amazon (the online store) is huge. Millions of people buy on it and many businesses choose to sell on it. But it’s not without its problems.

We are offering a different service. By promoting your business on Roe River…

  1. Our users visit your beautiful website, that showcases your brand personality, not Amazon’s.
  2. You have an ongoing relationship with your customers – not Amazon.
  3. You don’t pay significant commission on all your sales.
  4. You avoid the additional advertising costs needed to be visible (further squeezing your profit margins). 
  5. We’re free of the zero-tolerance rules and regulations that Amazon impose on their sellers.
  6. Many people are increasingly concerned about Amazon’s values and ethics.

Best of all – it’s currently free of charge to list with us, while we grow our subscriber base!

Yes. Roe River is free of charge as we build up our subscriber base. Sign up now and you will not be required to pay anything until 1st January 2022.

There will be 3 levels of membership:

Listing – A listing on Roe River in up to 5 categories. This will cost £9.99.

Social – In addition to the listing, we will provide 2 social media posts per month plus a monthly mention on our email newsletter. This will cost £19.99.

Featured – In addition to social, you will appear on our featured brands list. We will also include you in a blog post each month. This will cost £24.99.

We will:

  • Be using paid social ads every day.
  • Create ‘lifestyle content’ shared across our subscriber community through email newsletters and blog posts.
  • Make it attractive for subscribers to return to the site by encouraging our brands to offer discounts.
  • Work hard to secure national and local PR campaigns.

Yes, once you’ve created a listing and we’ve approved it, then it’s totally yours to amend.

At present, simply complete the promotion box in the listing form and we’ll create it for you. In the future, you will own the whole promotion process.

Absolutely. Before we post anything, we will share it with you for your approval.

That would be no problem. Simply let us know and we’ll remove your profile on the same day.