Our favourite gifts for the grandparents

What do you get the grandparents for an upcoming birthday? How do you get them a gift that they wouldn’t have already thought to get themselves?

So, what do you get the members of your family that already have everything? 

Take a look around your grandparents’ home, and you’ll immediately feel daunted by the prospect of choosing their present – their years of travels around the world, their life experiences decades in the making, and their countless celebrations, have all meant that they’ve already got pretty much every gift idea that you can conceive of. 

These sentimental, novelty items are filling their home to the brim – how can you possibly hope to distinguish your gift from what they already have? 

What’s more, anything that they actually need, they’ve already bought. Devices, crockery, equipment and gadgets in their house are in no short supply. And, you know, because they’re retired and all, if something breaks, or if they need something replaced, they’ll just go out and buy it. 

The more we think about it, the more it sounds like a life of bliss. But we’ll reserve our jealousy for another blog. 

So, the big question that remains is, what do you get the grandparents for an upcoming birthday? How do you get them a gift that they wouldn’t have already thought to get themselves?

Play to your gift-giving strengths 


Not to stereotype, but the answer is simple: use technology to your advantage. 

The thing with grandparents is (again, I’m just speaking from my experience with my own grandparents, who regularly say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to Alexa) they don’t really understand how to internet shop quite yet. 

They wouldn’t know how to find a beautiful, independently made, hand-crafted piece on the internet, whereas we do. 

So, you can delight them simply by sending them something that they weren’t aware already existed. Genius. 

Keep your eyes peeled for gifts that are fun, unusual, and innovative. 

The other key point to make is, don’t underestimate the power of thoughtfulness. All grandparents. cherish thoughtful, sentimental, loving gifts from their family (don’t we all). Even if it may seem simple or inexpensive, a thoughtful gift is far more cherished than an expensive yet soulless option. 

Remember, uniqueness and thoughtfulness – let those be the beacons that guide your search. 

With Roe River, we have these two elements in spades. Our fantastic range of UK independent businesses produce standout pieces, which feature the nation’s exceptional level of creativity and innovation. 

So, we wanted to use the advantage of having some of the nation’s best creatives at our disposal, to create our very own guide to finding fun, thoughtful gifts to delight the older generations. 

Read on to find the perfect present to make your grandma’s day, or bring a tear to your grandpa’s eye.

Clay Play Day


These super cute pieces make a beautiful addition to a home. 

At Clay Play Day, you can buy adorable, handcrafted clay pieces, which are full of sentimentality. They can be displayed anywhere in the house, and even be made to feature a little bespoke name or text on the front. 

Your grandparents will be delighted by this thoughtful home decoration – it’s sure to bring a smile to their face every time they see it.



If your grandparents are into crafts, this is the perfect modern take on their favourite hobby. 

STITCHFINITY makes stand-out cross stitch designs, in a wide range of bold themes. Your grandparents will be delighted to see a cross stitch kit that features something other than farmyard scenes or teddy bears.

Layered Lounge


These beautiful homeware accessories are made to be treasured. 

The great thing about buying from an independent business is that you can find exclusive pieces, which no one else will have in their homes. 

What’s more, with a browse through Layered Lounge’s gorgeous collection, you can surprise your grandparents with a thoughtful piece, which even they won’t have ever seen before. 


Bristol in a Box


stunning photography light boxes you will love

Speaking of stand out homeware, these magnificent light fittings are certain to delight your grandparents. 

Bristol in a Box creates stunning light boxes – you could easily lose yourself in these mesmerising scenes.

We love the way that they’re kept in their own wooden box, creating a brilliant feature piece which adds a totally unique focal point to any room.

AmaDablam Cashmere


If your Gran is a lady of class, she’ll absolutely adore this range of premium clothing. 

AmaDablam Cashmere produces cashmere garments and accessories of the finest quality. They are made with an exquisite attention to detail, by an immensely talented UK indie. 

The result? One of a kind fashion pieces which she will treasure.

Bare Kind Socks


If you’re on the lookout for a wackier accessory, Bare Kind’s socks are full of fun. 

Every time they wear them, these socks are sure to make your grandparents chuckle.

What’s more, every sale of these bamboo socks goes towards protecting the endangered animal that is featured in the design – so your gift both looks good and does good. 

Crumbs Brewing


Call us greedy, but with us, you can never go wrong with a gift of quality food and drink. 

At Crumbs Brewing, you can give your grandparents some premium beer, made with a technique that they’ll have never tried before. 

These beers are brewed using different loaves of bread from a nearby bakery, which would have otherwise gone to waste. 

The result is bold, flavourful beer, with their own distinct taste profiles. They’re a fantastic choice for any keen foodie.

Annie Dashwood Art


Artwork always makes a magnificent gift, but it can be hard to know where to start your search for the perfect piece. 

Annie Dashwood is an immensely talented UK artist, who creates elegant prints and artwork that strike the perfect balance between eccentric and minimalist. As a result, they make the ideal choice for a gift – they’d harmoniously suit any home aesthetic. 

Plus, you can’t help but be entranced by these delicate, sophisticated pieces. 

We’ve spanned the full scope of gift ideas here, to suit all types of budget and personality. But, each of these gifts have two things in common – they are thoughtful, and they are unusual. 

Any grandparent would be delighted and surprised (in equal measures) by these superb, independently-made presents. 

If you’d like to find out more about any of these top gift picks, head on over to our shop section. There, you can find these and loads more products from some of the very best UK indies. 



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