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Comfortable kids shoes

Dotty Fish owner and founder Helen is passionate about young children’s feet. It started when her own kids were small and she found it really hard to obtain comfortable kids shoes. Spotting an opportunity, Dotty Fish was born!

They use  soft, natural leather to craft all of their baby and toddler shoes. The range extends from new born babies right up to 4 year olds.

Practicality is every bit as important as looks for Helen and the Dotty Fish team. This means slip resistant soft soles provide essential grip to minimise accidents and improve confidence. A lightweight and flexible design makes it easier to learn to walk. Thirdly, their products are breathable to ensure little feet stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Safety is their number one concern and all their shoes are designed with protecting little feet in mind. The leather used is baby safe, chrome and chemical free. Great news for all those parents worried about what babies put in their mouths! They also quality check every single shoe to ensure the stitching doesn’t come loose.

For the most comfortable kids shoes in the UK, we cannot recommend Dotty Fish highly enough.


We just love the fact they're serious about the benefits of great fitting shoes for young ones.  The anatomy of a baby and toddlers foot is different from that of an adults. A babies foot doubles in size between birth and the age of 4 years. Babies have 22 partially developed bones in their feet, that are mostly cartilage, while an adult has 26 bones. This rapid growth and development needs to be kept in mind when choosing which shoes to buy.

So they've worked with foot specialists (The London Podiatry Centre) to enhance the design of their shoes. This should give parents added confidence that they're buying the best possible shoes for their children.


All Dotty Fish shoes are podiatry tested and approved.

They have an excellent foot measuring guide which users can print out free of charge from their website.

Standard Delivery is free within the UK.

They have a 28 day return policy.


Dotty Fish have an incredible rating of 4.85 on based on over 1,800 genuine reviews.


Their website is

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Company tagline: Leather baby shoes and bibs & bobs...
Amazing Qualities:
Endorsed by the Podiatric Society for their design and performance
Typical Price Range: £12-£16
9:00am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

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