Revive Scalp Oil

Holpura offers you the products and guidance you need to create a healthy environment for your hair and skin. Brands have misunderstood curly and coily hair for decades, which means this hair type has never received the care and attention it deserves.

Holpura has changed that.

We’ve made products specifically for curly and coily hair. We take into consideration the daily struggles of drying and mechanical damage. Our products help moisturise away the dryness;  promote a healthy scalp and strengthen and lengthen your fabulous coils and curls.

Our ethos:

  • We only test on consenting humans (wine is sometimes involved!).
  • Premium quality natural and organic ingredients in every product.
  • We love our Earth – Our processing and packaging reflect this.
  • Honest about our ingredients – no undesirable and filler ingredients.
  • Plantbased and vegan products – you deserve a positive change!

Do you remember the last time you saw a confident person walk by you? Do you remember how that made you feel? I bet they had great hair, moisturised skin and clean underwear!

Holpura wants that for you, they want you to feel confident in your hair and skin.

They know the struggle, because they've been in your shoes and are always there to help - they answer questions around how to get the best use of your products and offer tips and hacks to get your hair and skin looking gorgeous.

Holpura reminds us that there is great beauty in our uniqueness and it must be boldly embraced, unapologetically.

  • Free UK delivery
  • Free delivery to the US and Europe for orders over £150
  • 14 days return policy - not happy with your product - we will offer you a no quibble refund

What some of our happy customers had to say:

'' This oil is a game changer, my hair color and physical look was so poor until I discovered this product. After I used this product few weeks and a month, I experienced a quality changes in my hair richness and looks. I'm so confident in my hair richness for the first, I have recommended the product to my cousin whom is now growing his hair. The site is trusted and secure, though there was sometimes a little delay in delivery date (a day or two) during the lockdown but the product was delivered and it was worth the values of my money.'' - Moses Baryo


''I've been using this oil for awhile and have had great results. My hair is thicker, stronger and feels amazing. Fantastic Product !!!'' - Roshelle Lindsay


'' Amazing product, hair feels thicker, is growing and no breaking despite colouring, even in menopausal years!!'' - Faye Ball


Come join the Holpura family, gain insight into our brand, how we can help you glow and find the best Plant-based and Vegan personal care products on our website here.

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Company tagline: We Make Natural Beauty Real
Amazing Qualities:
We help you get the best out of your products so you boldly rock your gorgeous curls and coils. Healthy hair and gorgeous skin is in!
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