Kintsugi Clothing

Inclusive clothing

Some fashion brands pride themselves on being “exclusive”.

We’re not one of them.

Sure, our clothing looks great (if we do say so ourselves) but every fashionista knows it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the person wearing them. Every individual wears a piece of clothing differently, rocking it in their own unique way. That diversity is one of the joys of fashion, and it’s why we’re passing on exclusive.

Inclusive fashion is where it’s at.

We love the concept of universal design, and create our clothing so that it can be worn and enjoyed to the greatest extent possible by all people, regardless of age/size/disability.

To ensure our collections are truly inclusive, we incorporate suggestions from across the disabled community, making fastenings easier and less fiddly, considering how clothes will work in a seated position, and adding functionality to make each garment work harder for its wearer.

The result is inclusive fashion: clothing everyone can wear. Clothing; reinvented.


They consider the 13m+ people in the UK who live with some form of disability, as well as those with chronic conditions and temporary impairments (think broken bones). Yet their clothing is wearable for everyone, whether or not they are disabled. Not only that but they offer a range of sizes, from 8-20, with an additional few items offered in 22 and 24. This is inclusive clothing at its truest sense of the word.


"I just LOVE this skirt! It is luxuriously silky but with the heavy feel of quality. It’s design is stunning- simple with a bit of edge. Can be worn dressed up but also more casually. The higher waist is really flattering with elastic at the back & straight edged front band allowing for a really tailored fit. The Velcro is thick & feels so secure & the length is great. Best of all .. it has pockets!!! The customer service was personal & efficient when I needed to exchange a size (it is true to size - I just underestimated lockdown eating!) and the delivery & packaging was speedy with. As handwritten note."

Company tagline: Clothing for every body
Amazing Qualities:
Fashionable, multi-functional clothing, designed to be inclusive of disability
Typical Price Range: £30 - £80

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