Drink Well

Low calorie and carb alcohol

Are you trying to lose weight but really miss beer or wine? It’s a common reason that many diets fail. And if you’re doing a keto diet wine and beer are out, right?

The problem is there aren’t a whole lot of alternatives in the supermarkets. And those brands they do stock are generally pretty awful. If this sounds like you, then you seriously need to check out Drink Well!


We’ve tested them and both the wine and beer we’ve tried tastes really good … like seriously good! It will keep you on the straight and narrow carb wise and give you a guilt free Friday night.

The prices are comparable with what you would pay for a decent bottle of full fat wine – typically around £10 a bottle. But they do have a clearance section  where you can buy end of lines at a cheaper price. For beer drinkers, we highly recommend their own brand - SkinnyBrands lager which comes out at a little over £1 per can.

  • Keto dieters will particularly benefit from Drink Well due to the low carb content. Here is their Keto section. Calorie wise you can expect to save around 20%-30% in calories per glass.
  • Whilst skinny, they are not low alcohol or alcohol free – beware of this if you are a designated driver!
  • UK delivery is £5.99 per order, so it pays to buy in bulk – they have good value cases of 6 and 12. If you select your own 12 bottles, then you only pay for 11.
  • They also offer ranges for gluten free beer and vegan diets. 

At the time of writing, Drink Well has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot from over 750 reviews.


Their website is DrinkWellUK.com (formerly Skinny Booze) and they have a very amusing Instagram page!

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Company tagline: Wine and Beer Are Back On Limits!
Amazing Qualities:
The only alcohol store in the EU giving you the nutritional facts for everything they sell
Typical Price Range: £8-£12 per bottle
Special Discount Offer for Roe River:

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