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Puzzles, games and challenges that brings people together.

The Box: challenges, puzzles and games to enjoy together. 5 key components and hours of multi generational fun to get families of all shapes and sizes laughing and connecting together. Created by an expert and launched in lockdown, The Box is the perfect family activity whether on a wet day, after Christmas dinner or at a celebration. As the idea for The Box was originally created for families in hospital to help them laugh together, one can also be donated to a hospital of your choice with a name included.


These guys have a great background in Magic and working in hospitals - you can see they love people and have carefully created and curated The Box for everyone to enjoy!


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We’ve had so much fun with this, there’s something different every time we open it. It really has spurred our boys on in playing creatively. We love it!
Laura P

Unique and perfect as a gift

We love The Box! We had such fun as a family exploring the contents together and we love how unique it is compared to any other game and activites we have. Its engaging for all ages, kids and grown-ups alike. We bought this for ourselves and we have loved our time spent around The Box together. And we are not done! It would also make a perfect gift. Really high quality, love how it looks and the quality of the contents. Definitely recommend.

Rosie and Dave

Frustratingly fun!

This is frustratingly Fun! It's full of activities to do as a family it promotes family bonding time away from a screen. Briony tool out the first thing which is like a rubix cube and she completed the first task instantly to unravel it. 49 minutes later and Im still trying to work out how to turn it back into a cube!!!

Joanne G



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Around The Box

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Company tagline: Bringing people together.
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Unique way to have fun together!
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