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Handmade silver jewellery

At Halo Jewellery, I design and create handmade sterling silver jewellery incorporating enamel.  Each piece of silver jewellery is made using either sterling silver sheet or wire, or by using a 6000 year old method known as lost wax casting.

I strive to ensure that each piece of my jewellery is more than just a pretty item to the user.  I believe that each piece should be meaningful in some way, whether it’s because it’s your initial, zodiac sign, a colour you identify with or because you identify with my charitable ethos.  I hope I’m achieving this with my jewellery.


Every piece of Halo jewellery helps you to celebrate meaningful elegance. This means that each uniquely handmade item will become more than just a piece of jewellery to you. This could be because it bears your initial; or because it's your star sign; or because it's colour symbolises something you identify with. Whatever your reason is, Supriti firmly believes that each piece you own from Halo Jewellery should matter to you.

​And here's another reason for each piece of Halo jewellery to matter. 50% of any profits made by Halo will go to charities that support the learning and education of disadvantaged girls. So when you own a piece of Halo jewellery, you become a part of the story of a young girl or woman being lifted out of a disadvantaged life, and being given the chance of becoming a strong, independent woman.

  • I want my jewellery to last.  So I give a two year guarantee with every item.
  • Since my items are so very suited to being gifts, every item comes in a gift box, whether it's a gift for yourself or someone else.
  • I offer free delivery in the UK.

Check out the link below to see  reviews on my website, to get an idea of what customers are saying about my products.



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Company tagline: Celebrate Meaningful Elegance
Amazing Qualities:
All my jewellery is handmade using sterling silver and enamels. I focus on quality, never cut corners and make all my components from scratch.
Typical Price Range: £25 - £70

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