Buttercup Learning

Nature Posters with Augmented Reality

We put the eco into learning products; from children’s books and posters with augmented reality and companion e-learning.

Sustainable learning for children of all ages.


They're a small UK company on a mission to create a whole generation of children taking positive actions to protect the planet and nature in their communities.


Aligned suppliers

We work with print-on-demand services in the UK and US and closely monitor their environmental policies to ensure that our suppliers align with our values.

Provide high-quality products

We will create book artwork, graphics for our website, and social media that are always aesthetically pleasing and considered. Content is rigorously user-tested and designed to ensure it is the best it can be for the children and families we serve. We don't dumb down or make content that is childish. Our Design is all grown-up for children.

Ensure equal access to resources
We will work to ensure that children across the globe have access to our educational content by offering free educational materials that are equally considered as our paid tier.

Practice sustainable development
We will uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals in building our business. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

We will create content that can be trusted, that has scientific rigor, has been fact-checked, and reviewed by teachers for clarity of message for our young audiences.

Our studio and working culture will ensure a calm and friendly place for all to work. We work hard but not at the expense of our minds and body.

We are optimists and believe that we and all generations can have a positive impact on the planet.

Our educational materials will; be deliberately designed to be inclusive and represent people with protected characteristics. We will actively recruit, hire, and retain underrepresented groups in tech; Women, Black, Asian, and ethnic minority groups, LGBT.




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Company tagline: Eco and Sustainable Learning
Amazing Qualities:
We create beautiful illustrated nature posters that will inspire your budding environmentalist. Bringing nature and sustainability alive with AR.
Typical Price Range: £12 -£50

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