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Loella create high performing vegan makeup brushes that are affordable, stand out from the crowd and are cruelty free. Based in London, we’re changing beauty tools from an afterthought to a trusted staple in your makeup kit.

Loella brushes are designed to be highly versatile and easy to use , so whether you are just a makeup lover or a professional, these brushes are made for you!


Loella's makeup brushes hit that perfect balance between great quality, highly affordable and gorgeous to boot! The quality of Loella's brushes has been validated by the professional following they managed to establish. The latest collection has been designed in collaboration with the Head of Makeup at X-Factor and Love Island, Sarah Exley. A dream brush set for pros and makeup lovers alike.

In addition, Loella has an amazing brand ethos. Not only are all their brushes vegan and cruelty free, they have also partnered with the foundation #iamtheCODE, which is teaching girls over the world coding and STEM skills. 10p of every brush they sell is being donated to this amazing cause!

  • FREE delivery throughout the UK
  • All brushes are vegan and cruelty free
  • 10p of every brush sold is donated to the #iamtheCODE foundation

Loella brushes have been spotted on TV sets (X-factor, Love Island, Sky Studios, the Late Late Show) as well as the makeup kits from celebrity makeup artists (Gal Gadot, James Cordon, Briony Blake).

"Firstly, I have the Femme Fatale collection and I genuinely have them ALL in my working kit - is hard to choose as I love them all but if I had to pick my faves, it would be the precision powder brush, the under eye blending brush, the tight liner brush and the squared lip brush."

SARAH BROCK - MUA to Gal Gadot and Anne Hathaway

"I love the Femme Fatale Collection. The brushes are gorgeous and they feel like cotton candy on the skin - so airy and soft."

MAI QUYNH - MUA to Sandra Oh and Jessica Chastain


You can find their brushes directly on the Loella website.

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Professional grade vegan makeup brushes with a stylish twist

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