Bunch Skincare

Vegan skincare and haircare products made in the UK

Bunch Skincare specialise in vegan skincare and haircare products.  We create products that are professionally formulated, beautifully packaged and totally natural. Our motto is “all you need and nothing you don’t”.  You can look after your skin and hair and be earth kind at the same time.

We display our sustainability credentials in a way you can easily understand. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

The majority of our vegan skincare and haircare products contain less than 10 ingredients. This means you can trust what goes onto your skin and hair when you buy from us.

All our ingredients are included for their powerful beneficial properties. If they’re not needed, we don’t put them in. All killer, no filler!


Bunch Skincare offers a selection of face and body oils,  dry shampoos and face cleansers packed in beautiful glass bottles with practical pump dispensers or compostable, cardboard shakers. Bunch offers fragrance-free products too to cater to natural skincare lovers with sensitive skin.

All products are professionally formulated by a qualified pharmacist with 14 years of experience in the industry, trained skincare formulator and lover of the natural and simple life,  Bunch Skincare combines the science and art of skincare formulation with a sprinkle of fun and care for the natural world.


All products are vegan friendly and made in small batches

Free delivery on all UK orders.

No excessive packaging. Everything you need and nothing you don't!

All products comply with the UK/EU cosmetic regulatory standards.



Bunch Skincare has been featured in numerous blogs and online publications, including Beauty and Hairdressing Magazine.


Their website is: https://www.bunchskincare.co.uk/

Instagram: @bunchskincare


2 reviews

  1. Fantastic face cleanser!

    Love how their skincare makes my skin feel. Can highly recommend!

  2. I'm rather impressed with Revitalise Dry Shampoo

    I’ve been using Revitalise Dry Shampoo now for a month. I’m rather impressed with the results with leaving my hair clean, and smelling minty fresh. Also it goes a very long way and therefore great value! I’ll will be buying more and maybe trying other products.

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Company tagline: Apply nature to your skin and hair
Amazing Qualities:
Professionally formulated beauty products, simple.
Typical Price Range: £17 - £38
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