East Gifting Outfit

Craft Beer and Snack Gift Boxes

Are you wondering where to buy alcohol gift sets? East Gifting Outfit delivers stylish and cheekily branded gift boxes with a personal gift message. Our sets feature drinks from East London brewers and distillers, and sweet and savoury snacks from London makers.

Your recipient will love our motto ‘Someone decided to boost your day’, which is printed on the inside of our gift box lid. We focus on the gifting experience. This means we create more personalised drinks gifts to match your needs. And our stylish packaging, cheeky branding and premium products from across London, simply add to the experience. Always delivered within 48 hours!


Our gift boxes are stylish, have cheeky and fun messages, and are full of delicious high quality products all delivered in 48 hours. Plus you get all the credit for reminding them that 'Someone decided to boost their day' which happens to be the first message they'll see when they open their gift box.


Champion London's Life and Soul

We celebrate London artisans who bring the city to life with the things they make and do.

Superior Quality

From customer service to delivery to the product inside the box, everything we do is luxe and a cut above the rest.

Make My Day

We're all about surprise, the anticipation of getting something special straight to your door and knowing someone cared enough to buy it for you.

Simple Gifting

We take the headache out of what to buy and how to send it. You'll always get a product you'll use in your gift box.

Always Fun Times

We don't take life to seriously. Our gift boxes are created for people to have fun together, make memories and enjoy each other's company.

If that happens... our mission is complete.


Check out our website for our features and what our customers have to say!


Find us at www.eastgiftingoutfit.co.uk

or on Not on the High Street

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Company tagline: Someone decided to boost your day
Amazing Qualities:
Our promise to make the gift receiving experience as special as the present itself
Typical Price Range: £19.95-£33.95
24 hours online

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