Seven Top Picks From Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year, after everything we’ve all been through, we want to make sure that we treat mum to a gift that’s as special as she is. So, we’ve used this blog post to collect together our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Shopping for mums can prove rather tricky. All too often, we find it’s near-impossible to find mothers day gift ideas that she hasn’t already thought of herself. My mum has years of gift-buying and shopping experience behind her. The thought of trying to find a gift that successfully surprises her is a rather daunting one!

But, we’re pleased to say we’ve found a pretty foolproof solution – shopping at independent businesses. 

Indie businesses are an absolute gold mine of unique, bespoke and not-seen-before gifts. When it comes to searching for gift ideas for mum, these shops are a wonderful place to start browsing. 

There are countless UK-based independently run businesses that produce beautifully made, artisan products. These could be completely bespoke, or just something completely original, that you’ve never even thought of before. 

Plus, with each purchase, you’re making a real difference – rather than adding a few extra pounds to the pockets of supermarkets, you are supporting the work of a UK craftsperson, and keeping these creative talents alive. 

So we’ve curated some fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make mum’s day. 

Self-care gift boxes 


gift ideas for mum - self care package

More so than ever before, this year, we all need an extra dose of wellness in our lives. With one of Beautiful Ethical’s gorgeous self care gift boxes, you can give your mum the gift of her own at-home pamper session, which brings a little booster to the mind and body alike. 

What makes Beautiful Ethical special is their firm commitment to upholding ethical practices across their operations (it’s in the name, really).  

Their luxurious collection of self-care treats are completely natural, free from palm oil and vegan, their packaging is entirely sustainable, and the team even plants trees to cut down the company’s carbon footprint. 

Plus (much like we do at Roe River), this ethical wellness gift box showcases all the wonderful work of small British brands, working to create earth-friendly pampering products. Points all round. 


Completely natural candles


 gift ideas for mum - perfect candle

Because you simply cannot go wrong with a candle. 

But, rather than nipping to the supermarket for an unimaginative international brand, these independent, artisan candles are a fabulous way to take this much-loved gift up a couple of notches. 

At B Loved, the UK based team creates carefully blended candles, which have been made by a Clinical Aromatherapist. This means that these candles have been created with a real knowledge of essential oils, their properties, their chemistry, and the benefits that they can bring to the mind. 

Each aromatherapy candle is hand poured, in a process which is sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and all-natural, resulting in beautiful wellness products which feature gorgeous natural scents. 


Beauty staples brimming with honey



Skincare is always a winning Mother’s Day gift. But, if she’s anything like ours, your mum will already have tried all of the big brand skincare names. So we’d suggest going down a different route, and choosing a brand of skincare that she probably won’t have heard of yet. 

Beeutiful is a beauty company that is, quite frankly, bee-mad. They create a range of honey-based body balms and butters, which are preservative free, handmade, charitable and super natural. These products are an absolute treat for any skin type, and make a wonderful little indulgence to treat mum to. 


Sustainable skincare


This list is a hive of wellness and natural options, with good reason – sustainability is rapidly becoming a priority amongst consumers, and gifts provide the perfect opportunity for mum to introduce a new product to her skincare routine. 

Holistic Boutique is another fabulous example of a natural indie with a beauty and self-care focus. They produce a wonderful array of natural products and holistic solutions, including skincare, make up, nail care and candles, all while championing a clean and completely natural production process. These products are a great way to see how many benefits can be provided by natural alternatives to mum’s favourite beauty products. 

Sustainable? Check. Vegan? Check. Honest? Check. This beauty business gets full marks for its eco-consciousness.  


Eco warrior socks 


Bare Kind

While in lockdown, loungewear trends have reached new heights. And we can’t think of a better way to keep cosy and comfortable than a pair of these wonderful fun-filled socks. 

In addition to being delightfully soft and brilliantly colourful, Bare Kind’s range of socks are actually made from bamboo. This means that they are super sustainable, too. 

But its eco-conscious ethos doesn’t stop there – with every purchase of one of their socks, Bare Kind helps to protect the animal that is illustrated in sock-form. They make a donation to a charity that protects these endangered animals. As you can see, these are far more than your ordinary pair of socks.  


Authentic Nepalese cashmere


AmaDablam Cashmere

Much like diamonds or Champagne, cashmere is a product that is absolutely synonymous with luxury. We challenge you to find us a mum who would not be absolutely delighted by the gift of a soft, supple piece of cashmere clothing. 

AmaDablam’s collection of cashmere products boasts a stunning array of exquisite pieces, each of which have been ethically made, in a handcrafted fashion that is traditional to Nepal. 

In fact, AmaDablam holds a direct-trade relationship with suppliers based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  This means that their products can be made bespoke, to create the perfect piece to suit your mum’s signature style. 

Furthermore, by supporting this traditional independent, you are actively helping to keep the traditional techniques of this time-honoured craft alive, while sustaining the livelihood of Nepalese artisans, shepherds, wool spinners, dyers, loom weavers, and their families.


African-inspired jams 


Superfoods are all the rage right now, and it’s hardly surprising when you think about it – these tasty treats are a great way to explore new ingredients and keep on top of the food scene, while getting the added bonus of bringing ample benefits to your body. 

At CHOSAN, you can find a mouth watering range of food and drink, which has been inspired by African cuisine. Throughout their range, baobab is the key ingredient, which brings a unique taste and flavour to these jams and spreads. These intriguing, all-natural products include everything from a baobab and ginger jam, to a decadent baobab chocolate spread, and even a baobab and banana combo. We’ll take ours on a hot buttered crumpet. 



By shopping with Roe River, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve  carefully approved each and every one of the brands that we list. 

This gives you the opportunity to shop from independent, artisan producers you can trust and find yourself something that really stands out! 

So, if you want a helping hand finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, check out all the beautiful independent products that are showcased on the Roe River website. 


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