montage of images showing how we bring together small businesses with online shopping

We celebrate and champion our amazing small businesses

Roe River is a directory for independent brands – helping you to find the best shopping experiences in the UK. From baby products to pet food, artisan jewellery to bedroom furniture, we should be proud of our talented and inventive small businesses!

We know a growing number of people are frustrated at the power of Amazon and the complexity of Google. Only the global brands dominate the top of Google search pages and mixed into them are paid ads, which can cause confusion. It becomes really hard to find those hidden gems – the great British brands providing awesome and unique products.

What Links Roe River to Small Businesses?

You might not have heard of Roe River? It’s actually the world’s smallest river – measuring just 201 feet. It’s the polar opposite of the Amazon, regarded as the world’s longest.

We love the fact that small independent brands build websites that reflect their personality. When you shop on Amazon, this personality gets lost. So we’ve created a quick and easy way to find the best brands available in the UK today.

How it works…

You can search the categories of Roe River if you have something particular in mind. Alternatively, you may stumble across a brand or product that you weren’t looking for, but love the look of. It’s how great shopping experiences used to be in the days when we would amble through streets, window shopping for inspiration.

Each brand has a short review. We’ll tell you why people love the brand. Then provide information on what they’re like to shop with. There’ll be a gallery of products to whet you’re appetite. Finally, we’ll back up our opinion with links to reviews from their customer base. And naturally we’ll show you where to find them online – including their physical store, if they have one.

Big plans for the future…

Over time we will of course grow the number of brands we feature. We’d really welcome your feedback and let us know which brands you love. Maybe we can get them on board too!

Alongside this, we want to get the word out about who we are and what we’re doing, so others can benefit from our service. Please visit our social media pages (links below) and share with your friend and family.

Thanks so much for reading… The Roe River team x