Our Top Picks for Paw-rents

In this round-up, we’ll be showcasing some of our favourite animal-inspired independent businesses.

Calling all paw-rents – boy oh boy, have we got the shopping guide for you. 

We love getting the chance to explore everything that our affiliated indie businesses have been up to – there’s always such an influx of creativity and imagination on the Roe River website, and that’s what makes writing these shopping guides so fun. 

That’s why we’ve dedicated our blog to providing a platform to spotlight our top picks from our latest shopping spree. And this week’s post is one for all our fellow animal lovers. 

Before we get started, we want to share some findings with you, which we think you’ll find rather interesting. Whilst we might feel like suckers for buying our pets treats (I know I am), we shouldn’t feel guilty about a little extra purchase here and there. In fact, studies have shown that this can bring huge benefits to our pets. 

In a recent piece by the folks at Hill’s Pet, it was shown that buying treats for your pet is an imperative part of bonding. From the perspective of a pet, treat-giving is highly sociable, and they treat it (pun intended) as you displaying your love for them. Far beyond simply enjoying gobbling up a snack or playing with a new toy, a pet also values these treats because it helps them to recognise the strength of your bond. Although you shouldn’t be handing out treats left right and centre (as this will only encourage them to beg), it is an inherently positive practice for both humans and pets alike. 

So, for all you Dog Mums and Dog Dads who delight in treating your pet, thoroughly enjoy it. 

In this round-up, we’ll be showcasing some of our favourite animal-inspired independent businesses. Some of these creatives have been moved by the beauty and majesty of the animal kingdom, others are all about creating innovative new treats to spoil your four-legged friend. 

Below, you’ll find our 8 top picks for animal lovers.

Bespoke doggy dinners


Surprise surprise, we’re starting out this list with some food. But this is far from any ordinary dog food. Tails.com produces dog food which is personally tailored to suit the exact needs of your pup. 

After you get in touch, the Tails team will consider a huge number of factors and create an entirely bespoke recipe for your dog’s chow. This includes your pet’s preferred meat, whether or not they like grains, how much nutrients your dog will need to take in (including fibre, protein, fats and other nutrients), then any health benefits that you would like to provide them with (for example, if you want to prioritise their joints, or help take care of their digestion). 

From there, Tails.com will devise a specially created recipe, using premium ingredients (and absolutely zero artificial colours, flavours or preservatives) in an exact, delicious blend. Their impressive ‘Excellent’ rating on TrustPilot, from almost 28,000 reviews, is great social proof.

Bringing some sophistication to family meal times 

Chow BellaNow that we’ve recommended you some premium quality pet food, you’ll need something equally luxe to store it in. 

At Chow Bella, you can shop for stylish, handmade pet bowls, which can be personalised to your pet. For your bespoke dinner dish, you can choose your favourite design from Claire’s chic range, pick out your favourite colour, declare your preferred size, and then ask to feature your pet’s name on the rim. 

What we love about this brand is that each bowl is carefully crafted, by hand, from scratch. In a way that only indie businesses can, Chow Bella is absolutely committed to its charming small-scale way of working. Each bowl is made using British clay, and is fired in the kilns which strictly use renewable energy only. 

Delicious, all-natural pet food 

what is the best quality dog food on the market

Sticking with food, we must tell you about the latest pet brand added to our site. Scrumbles is the perfect solution for any dog with digestive issues. As owners, we notice this through observing and managing unpleasant poos – which are typically smelly and/or runny (sorry, bit TMI!). 

Sadly, the dog will likely be experiencing bloating and other kinds of discomfort they just can’t communicate.

Thankfully, these guys have created specialist dog and cat food using all natural ingredients that works in harmony with their digestive system. They also offer fantastic treats and dental chews for your four-legged friends. 

Scrumbles is a wonderful small business brand with a total commitment to animal health – and we feel all dog and cat owners should know about them. What’s more, they’ve given us a fabulous discount code to share with you! The code SCRUM will give you 20% off your first two subscription boxes.

An animal lover’s home decor staple 

Now, we’re moving onto treats for the humans. Speaking of bespoke pieces, we’ve got a custom-made gift that makes an absolutely ideal addition to the home of any proud pet parents. 

At Pet Mirrors, the Yorkshire based family team create sleek mirrors, decorations, clocks and charms, all of which can be designed to feature your pet’s silhouette. 

The business began from a desire to make use out of the wasted off-cuts that the plastic industry produces. From there, the team found a brilliantly innovative way to recycle this material. 

Unique wildlife prints 

what is a linocut print

Sticking with the theme of art and homeware, we’ve got some rather special animal-inspired artwork to introduce you to. Wild Lino by Dave is an independent business that sells original, handcrafted linocut prints. 

In order to create each piece, Dave handcarves a design into a block of lino, then inks and prints it onto paper. The elaborate printing process makes each print entirely unique, and so that little bit more charming. 

Beyond the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each of these pieces, it is clear that the wonders of nature have been a huge inspiration to Dave, as each piece depicts a different animal immersed in its natural habitat.  

Interactive educational posters 

Buttercup Learning creates delightful nature posters which are fun for all the family. 

This nature-loving indie was established with the aim of helping young people to learn about nature, sustainability and the animal kingdom in a way that promotes positive actions through a stimulated and curious interest. 

These beautiful prints feature intricate illustrations of a variety of British wildlife. Then, children can use their electronic devices to access an augmented reality educational display, which is unlocked when they focus the camera on their poster. They can see the creatures illustrated come to life, and learn more about each creature on the artwork. How cool is that? 

Socks that are wild, loud and proud 

bamboo socks for men and womenHaving cosy feet is one of life’s great treats, so we love any business that shares that pleasure with us. But what we love about Bare Kind is the fact that we can do this while supporting endangered animals at the same time – count us in!

By purchasing one of these super jazzy bamboo socks – yep, they’re made of sustainable fabrics too – you are not only supporting the work and craftsmanship of an independent brand, but these guys will also donate to an animal welfare charity on your behalf, too. 

Each animal that is featured on these sock designs is endangered but, by buying the sock that Bare Kind has dedicated to them, you can help to support preservation efforts to care for these animals. 

Sweet as honey skincare 

Skincare and animal welfare aren’t two things that you often see go hand-in-hand, but that’s what makes the work of Beeutiful so special. 

This gorgeous UK independent creates skincare products – ranging to include everything from body balms and butters to soaps and face care – that showcase the marvellous work of bees. 

Animal welfare is at the heart of Beeutiful’s ethos. These all-natural products are handmade, sustainable, charitable and utterly bee-friendly. 


In this indie shop round up, we’ve listed our favourite gift ideas for the animal lover in your life. 

This fabulous array of treats comes from independent businesses, all listed on our Roe River website. We’ve featured pet treats, animal-themed goodies, and companies that protect animal welfare, all in one animal-mad list. 

Whether it’s a treat for you, a gift for a loved one, or something special for your pet, either way, this shopping guide is all about the animals in our lives. 

So, if you’re tempted by any of the items above, or would like to partake in a bit of online shopping yourself, be sure to check out the rest of the products on offer on the Roe River website. 



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