What to buy for a Leo

It’s the birthday season of the Leos, and you know that that means – a lot of fanfare. 

Ok so firstly, for all you star sign nay-sayers, just indulge us a bit here. 

It’s the birthday season of the Leos, and you know that that means – a lot of fanfare. 

No judgement, I’m a Leo myself, and so that means I know exactly what we’re like. 

Leos are known for a lot of caring and loyal qualities, but boy do they love a party. They’re bold and outgoing people, who (secretly) delight in getting their share of the spotlight – in essence, they’re exactly the kind of people that birthdays are made for. 

So, you’ll want to give the Leo in your life a birthday present to remember. To make your loved one’s day, we’d suggest looking to the stars for a bit of gift-giving guidance. 

Or, if you think that everything you’ve read above is absolute mumbo-jumbo, think of the most upbeat person you know, and use this blog as a guide to getting their perfect gift. 

Either way, it’s all a bit of fun.

Ammil Design LLC

Because who doesn’t l
ove a statement piece? 

Ammil Design LLC creates stunning wire jewellery, which is really made to stand out from the crowd. 

In this stunning range, you can find silhouettes of the naked female body, outlined in gold and filled with flowers. 

Leos are by no means shy, so these pieces are the perfect fit for them. 


In The Nude Art

Sticking with the nudity theme (oo-er), In The Nude Art creates stunning artwork, illustrating the female form like you’ve never seen it before. 

Not to stereotype, but Leos love being in the spotlight, so what could make a better gift than a bespoke portrait of their own body? 

These empowering, bold and inspiring pieces make a knockout experience gift for your fave Leo. 


Forge + Thread

If you’ve noticed a theme here, you’d be right – Leos love to make a statement. 

Forge + Thread are all about bold colours and eye-catching designs. 

These clay pieces come in a range of striking colours – perfect to partner any outfit. 



Any gift that makes a Leo’s home as vibrant as they are will go down a real treat. 

Have a browse through Wedgie’s fun-filled collection, and look for a funky door stopper that matches your pal’s personality. 



Leo’s have often been accused of being a tad vain (the notion!), so skincare will always be a winner. 

Scrubbee makes fresh, all-natural face scrubs, which smell absolutely sensational. They make a wonderful self-care prezzie.


The Happiness Apothecary Company

While we’re on skin care, The Happiness Apothecary Company is another UK indie creating stand-out treatments. 

These luxurious pamper sessions are just the thinking to keep a Leo’s confidence all fired up. 


South Island Art

Bold colours feature heavily in this list, and with good reason – they suit a Leo’s personality to a T. 

South Island Art is filled with energy, vibrancy and life, so they have all the elements required to seamlessly tie in with a Leo’s aesthetic. 


Gung Ho London 


Instead of buying off-the-rack pieces, if you want to give the gift of clothing, make it a real one-of-a-kind affair.  

Gung Ho London creates magnificent garments, which showcase all the beauty of global fashion. 

What’s more, the company is committed to being ethical and super sustainable – talk about ticking all the boxes. 


And there you have it, our guide to choosing gifts that are just as fun-filled as your favourite Leo. 

Now, you’ll know just how to keep the Leos in your life feeling just as cherished as they deserve. 


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